Woofin' Good as attest to by many a canine. These are the worldwide famous Liver Bears from Sherl Baker. Each 1/4 pound Liver Bear has a bow. Varies themes..Dog Show ribbon colors, seasonal and Holiday bows and general canine designs. Liver Bears store well in a cool dry area and may be frozen for long term storage

All Natural Dog Treats

No Preservatives

No Milk Products


Beef Liver




Oat Bran


Dogs Love Them

Note : There is a rumor on the N.W. Dog Show circuit, that these Liver Bears have "magical" powers! If a person bought their dog a Liver Bear , before ring time, closed their eyes as they rubbed the belly of the Bear and made a wish, they would win the ribbon the same color as the ribbon on the Liver Bear! As you would guess the Best of Breed and the Group 1 ribbon sold the fastest <vbg>

Woofin' GOOD!!


Prices in US Funds

Liver Bears : $2.50 each..minimum order of 6

Shipping and Handling on 6 to 11 Bears $4.00 ( packed in popcorn to prevent breakage)

Special: 1 Dozen Liver Bears (12) $30.00 (We pay the Shipping and Handling)

Wholesale prices available , minimum 5 Doz, when inquiring, please state store or grooming shop Name, town and State. Wholesale only to other then Cdn and USA

Order Form

E-mail nunee@direct.ca

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