• How do you know if you are dealing with a knowledgeable,experienced and reputable Breeder?

  • A reputable breeder is one who has made a lifetime commitment to the wellbeing and improvement of their breed.

  • A reputable breeder has studied and research their breed and knows its history and standard, the breeds strong points and weak points

  • A reputable breeder builds a good reputation slowly, based on education and consistant quality, not on volume.

  • A reputable breeder assumes responsibility for the life they create....carefully screening buyers, helping to find new homes, or take back a dog, at any age, should the orginal owners are unwilling or unable to keep the dog, make a comfortable life for the retirees, and being able to make the decision to euthanize when a puppy born with a mental or physical problem has no chance for a quality life.

  • A reputable breeder has spent time, effort, and money researching and proving the qualities and health of their breeding stock. Those that do not prove out are NOT bred. They plan a litter only with the goal of puppies better than the parents, not for profit or vanity.

  • A reputable breeder has both the time and mental fortitude to be THERE for their bitches and puppies. They evaluate their litters and make every effort to match puppy to buyer in temperment, attitude and energy level as well as physical qualities.

  • A reputable breeder does NOT have so many dogs that there is no time for individual attention, play and grooming, or that they have to skimp on food quality, space, preventative medicine and health care.

  • A reputable breeder goes futher and assumes some responsiblity for the problems of their Breed as a whole, they belong to their National and/or local Breed Club, they continue to read about new developments and they work to reduce the number of their breed that are carelessly bred, ill cared for and discarded.

  • A reputable breeder can look at a bigger picture than dog shows wins or puppy sales and contributes in some way to the betterment of dogs as a whole!

Given a choice, educated owners much prefer to buy from these reputable breeders. If you want to join the proffessional ranks, we'll enjoy working with you as you learn. If you feel this is more obligation than you care to take on, choose the responsible alternative of having your pet spayed/neutered.

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