The best thing that you can do for yourself and your puppy is to educate and commit yourself to finding the best, healthiest, most well-bred puppy you can find. Remember you're in for a commitment of around 15 years.


Get a dog for the right reasons. Be it "show quality" or "pet quality", a dog should be a companion and family member.

You Have Decided that you would like a Bichon Frise,
being of sound mind and body , you of course have done the following:

  • Evaluated your purpose for getting a Bichon, knowing that this is approx. a 15 year commitment
  • Decided that you are willing to work to overcome the "ups and downs" of dog ownership
  • Attended several Dog Shows, speak with several breeders to educate yourself about the breed.
  • Surf the net and read some good Bichon books, to learn the history of the breed, the Bichon characteristics, the required coat care.
  • Know that the financial cost of dog ownership does not stop with the purchase price but continues with quality food, health care, grooming, doggie paraphernalia, etc.
  • Know that its going to take extra time and commitment to housetrain, puppy classes, and forgiveness when the puppy chews the heal off on your favorite pair of shoes!
  • Given thought to perhaps a older dog or a rescue dog
  • Have educated yourself as to all the reasons NOT to buy a puppy from a pet store or from classified ads in the newspaper, but to talk to reputable and responsible breeders
  • Know that you may not find a puppy right away, reputable breeders may only have one or two litters a year, but will gladly refer you to someone who may be having a litter sooner, or be willing to wait, and do keep in touch with your breeder......think of it like having a child, from the time you decide to have one, it still takes 9 months for junior to make an appearence.
  • Know that a responsible breeder will ask many questions of you to prove that you are qualified to own one of their puppies, but it is a two way street, you will have lots of questions for the breeder.
  • If a breeder will sell to you without giving you the third degree, RUN not walk,away
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