The use of "That Orange Stuff" is only limited by your imagination
Total Knock Out of Stain, Odors, Fleas, Grease & other stuff!

Dilution Ratio

General Purpose : 2oz Orange to 1 gallon water

As natural insecticide : 1oz Orange to 1 gallon water

That Orange Stuff is an all natural product made from the extract from the peel of an orange.

That Orange Stuff has many uses.

  • It is a multi-purpose cleaner
  • a stain remover
  • an odor killer
  • a de-greaser
  • an emulsifier
  • a natural insecticide
  • a concentrate
Some Dog related Uses

( This is a short list of some of the uses, full instruction sheet comes with order)

  • use to wash down Dog runs. Not only does it clean them beautifully it kills odors. Can be used on concrete, gravel, pee gravel, patio decks or even the kitchen floor
  • use to clean puppy pens, whelping box,or add to the laundry when doing grooming towels, whelping towels, barn clothes, men's socks, or anything that stinks!
  • Use to remove stains out of carpeting, clothing and upholstery, not only does it remove the stain it kills the odor
  • Use a little full strength to remove tree sap and pitch from a dog's coat, also great for removing glue and adhesive for those of you that tape ears ( then wash the area with clear water, then add a conditioner and rinse)
  • Add a few drops to your dog's shampoo to naturally turn your shampoo into a flea and tick shampoo
  • Washing down your grass mats
  • Bothered by bee's by your set-up, or fire ants, mosquitoes!, grab your orange!
  • Remove magic marker and adhesive from vari-kennels. ( all those airline stickers when you ship a dog)
Please Note: That Orange Stuff is blended by Nu-nee Pet Products, Canada since 1993 and is formulated specifically to be use in the pet industry.

There are other "orange ingredient" products that have popped up over the years, most have been formulated for industrial uses (janatorial or automotive industry) that have ingredients that may not be safe to use around some pets.

So please do not apply uses for "That Orange Stuff" to other orange products.

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for stores sizes available are 8oz, 16oz, 32oz and gallons

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