Problem Pee'er Cumberbuns
(Belly Bands / Diapers) for the male dog who thinks your furniture is a fire hydrant!

  • 100% Quality Cotton, lined with cotton fleece
  • machine wash and dry
  • adjustable velcro closing
  • Patented design "pocket" that will not bunch up
  • Use self-stick feminine pad to absorb urine
  • Sizes for all breeds---Small to Medium
  • Available in assorted colors and patterns---classy, conservative,and juvenile
    ( Plaid may be available for Cairn/Scottie folks - ask)
  • Recommended by Exhibitors, Handlers and Breeders in the Pacific NW and elsewhere
  • Custom order for large breeds - not suitable for sighthounds

Breeds and suggusted size is base on show quality body shape - Please measure your dog's loin ( waist ) for accurate fit.

Breed Size Breed Size
Yorkie, Chihuahua, Maltese, Pom, Toy Poodle, Min Pin, etc 15xx
( 9 to 11 inch loin )
Bichons, Lhasa, Min. Poodle, Fox Terrier, Westies, Cairns, Cavaliers, Min. Schnauzers, etc

( also available size 19wxx for the "thinner" of the Bichon or Fox Terrier)

(14 to 16 inch loin)
(17 to 18 inch loin)
Papillion, Jap Chin, Eng. Toy Span., Ch.Cresteds, Griffon, etc 17nxx
(11 to 13 inch loin)
Pugs, Frenchies, 21nxx
(short loin)
(short loin)
Cotons, Lowchin 17wxx
(longer loin)
Am. Cockers, Corgis, Standard Poodle 25wxx
(18 to 21 inch loin)

U.S. Funds

15xx, 17nxx, 17wxx $12.00 each Breeder Discount - Buy 6 pay for 5
free shipping
( US, Canada and Europe)
19wxx, 21wxx, 23wxx, 25wxx $16.00 each Postage within Canada - 1 or 2 items - $2.00 Cdn funds. 3 to 5 items - $3.00 Cdn funds
21nxx, 23nxx $16.00 each Postage to Europe - 1 or 2 items $4.00 -
3 to 5 items - $10.00
(6 items or more N/C)
USA Postage ( 1 to 5 items, no charge on 6 or more items) $2.00 Payment accepted by Visa, Paypal, or Check/money order...more info on order form
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