Unique Bichon Suncatchers
self-stick to any window or mirror

These Suncatchers, made of quality glass-like paint will bring the rich, colorful look of stained glass to your windows

Each suncatcher is hand crafted, from my own original designs, each is a totally unique piece of art. The flowers and borders are translucent, while the Bichon is pearlized giving it the typical curly coat texture

The suncatchers are flexible, transparent and removable. They adhere to any glass, window or mirror without any adhesive or hardware and can easily be peeled off for easy cleaning. Create wonderful additions in home decor, move to different locations with all your decorating ideas.

Let your imagination fly and have fun with these. With proper care these will last a life time.

Approx. size 8" X 7"

Suncatchers are $8.50 USA each. Postage 2.00 ...I often have these on Ebay

If paying with Paypal - order here. If paying with check or Visa directly, please use order form

Sorry - I only have Bichons at the moment e-mail me if you'd like another breed - I may be able to do it.

  Order Sun-Blue Oval
  Order Sun-Head - Red Roses

Can also be ordered with pink roses

  Order Sun-Play-Red Roses

  Order Sun-Play-Red/white Roses

  Order Sun-Play Pink Roses

  To order and pay via check or VISA other then with PayPay use this order form Click here

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